Have it all with the new DD15 engine: Performance, Fuel Economy and Reliability.
“Torque Response” is engineering speak for get-up from a dead stop. And the DD15™ is 75% faster than a Series 60®. Even fully loaded, you feel yourself launching up the on-ramps. A test-fleet driver with 20 years experience said, “It’s like being in a jet.”
Up to 50 free HP with turbo compounding. Get an extra kick of up to 50 free horsepower without spending an extra drop of fuel. It’s called turbo compounding, and no other engine in North America has it. It works by converting a little heated exhaust, and feeding its power straight into the drivetrain. And that extra kick — using fuel you would’ve burned anyway — increases fuel mileage up to 5% at road loads.Torque curve?

More like a torque plane. The DD15 flat-out pulls. It’s got a torque curve as wide as Wyoming; the power’s there all the time so you won’t be grabbing around for gears on little hills and on gusty highways. And down at 1,100 RPM, it’ll still push you back into your seat. That means even with a governor on the engine, you’ll get a punch off the line.

DDEC VI: Consistent where it counts. If there’s one area you don’t want technicians re-learning, it’s the electronics. And the DD15 uses the familiar DDEC VI. You get all the power and control from the familiar DDEC VI electronics systems that you’re used to from Detroit Diesel’s other engines. Expect precision in diagnostics and analytics at all times.

The sound of silence. The DD15 is all purr: it's unlike any other engine you’ve ever heard. By using the Amplified Common Rail System (ACRS), the stroke is a series of smaller combustions. That makes the DD15 quieter in the cab and on the road. Because you want to feel the power, not hear the power for 10 hours a day.

Fuel Economy: More Power, Less Fuel. You read that right: No more choosing between weak pulling power or painful moments at the fuel pump. The game-changing DD15 gives you both: amazing driveability and up to 5% better fuel economy than the notorious fuel-miser, the Series 60.

Shift Less, Burn Less. Because the DD15 has a flatter torque curve throughout its RPM range, you’ll need to shift less to maintain speed up and down small hills, or in gusty conditions. And less shifting means better fuel economy. As one of our test drivers said, “It just ate up those hills.”

Use Only the Fuel You Need. The DD15 boosts fuel efficiency by injecting only the precise amount of fuel needed for a particular speed, acceleration, altitude, and grade. Several times per second, the MCM (Motor Control Module) measures how far down you’ve got the hammer, and provides the perfect amount of fuel.

Amplified Common Rail System The Amplified Common Rail Fuel System (ACRS) improves performance throughout the torque range and allows fine-tuning of combustion to reduce emissions, noise, vibration and fuel consumption. DD15 has one of the highest compression ratios in the industry, and when combined with the ACRS, you get an engine with impressive overall performance. The “amplified” in ACRS means that peak pressure is reached only at each point of injection, maximizing the combustion potential of each high capacity cylinder. This electronically-optimized fuel delivery actually changes the pressure, the timing and the spray for every injection, to every cylinder, every second the engine is performing. This creates incredibly effective combustion for each and every revolution. Not only does this maximize your performance within the cylinders, but reduces deposits like soot and carbon, resulting in fewer Aftertreatment Device (ATD) regenerations. The bottom line is that all your performance demands are always being met: power, fuel efficiency and emissions.

Integrated, Reliable EGR. We built the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system right into the core engine design, making the system more reliable and easier to maintain. Part of that design meant simplifying the EGR to just one valve, which makes the system more efficient at meeting clean exhaust standards and saving fuel in the process.

Runs Hotter, Runs Smarter. With two cooling sensors rather than just one, the DD15 kicks on the fans only when it needs to. And that’s not too often, because the cast-iron DD15 dissipates heat easier and can run hotter.

B50 Life: 1.2 Million Miles. North America has some mean roads, from the scorching blacktop of the southeast to the frozen mountaintops of the Rockies. We design our engines to run through it all with minimal maintenance. The B50 life — an engineering term that means the point at which half the engines produced will still be running — of a Detroit Diesel engine is 1.2 million miles. That’s the highest in the heavy duty industry, and it means you should expect the same workhorse effort out of the DD15™ that you got out of the bulletproof Series 60®.

Go Farther Between Servicing. To run farther between oil drains (50,000 miles for long-haul), we increased the size of the oil pan to 47.5 quarts, as well as the size of the oil filter. And changing the filter is fast: it’s a simple screw-on within arm’s reach.

Easy Maintenance Rear Gear Train. The DD15 Rear Gear Train makes the turbo compounding possible. And its design might leave you wondering how you're going to get in there for maintenance and valve-lash inspections. So we built access plates that make maintenance quick and simple, and designed it with long intervals between valve lash adjustments.

Tried and True Turbo. With the addition of turbo compounding, we were able to return to the vastly simpler pre-EPA ’98 turbo. The non-wastegate-style turbo has fewer parts, a longer life, and a longer service interval.

The Only New Heavy Duty Engine: DD15. Detroit Diesel designed the DD15 from the block up with an eye to the future. Features like the more powerful and integrated Jake brake and the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system have been integrated into the core design, rather than bolted on. We’ve even planned ahead for new EPA emissions laws in 2010 with design features that allow simple integration of a new After Treatment System.

DD15 Warranty Quality comes first at Detroit Diesel. When you're #1, it has to. That's why we back each DD15 with a standard, comprehensive warranty as rugged as the engine itself. It's part of our dedication to providing the best product support available in the industry. Plus, you can even toughen up your warranty with special extended coverage options available through TEAM Truck Centres. And because Detroit Diesel engines hold their resale value, your warranty is transferable to future owners—no extra charge. DD15 Warranty Features: Engine: 2 years, unlimited miles, including 100% parts and labor Accessories: 2 years, 500,000 miles, including parts and labor Major components: 5 years, 500,000 miles No charge on parts *Refer to Detroit Diesel warranty parchment for complete warranty details, terms and conditions